Released the experimental version of fefoo search app Firefox add-on

Its been a while since I launched anything new here. A few weeks back I launched and now I’ve launched the fefoo search app Firefox add-on. It’s still experimental but do give it a try and test it out.

fefoo is a very simple application which allows you to search better. You start your search based on a category so you search is refined from the word go. Its completely made in JavaScript and cached on your browser. This makes it really fast and you won’t ever have to wait for the fefoo homepage to load.

Just to give you an example of how fefoo works. If you search for my name “Vivek Jishtu ” in the people category you will get results from pipl. If you don’t like the results there are more than 15 more people search engines you can try on. The toolbar on top makes it easy. You don’t have to type again or go back and forth. Just click on the icon on the toolbar and you are ready to search on the next search engine. For more information head over to

Once you try it don’t forget to leave your comments about the new service.

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