Finally upgraded to the latest Wordpress

Have been trying to upgrade for the last 2 years but with my own designed theme and changes to the core it was almost difficult to upgrade without breaking things.

I realized it would be better to upgrade than wait endlessly. The earlier design would break and in any case the whole look and feel of this site felt dated. Its time for a major overhaul. Am trying to get rid of all the old stuff. Still not sure how I will organize all the stuff.

Am planning to name my new Twitter application “Viamatic”. Since foXpose and AJAX Yahoo! Mail are nearly good as dead. Its about time to make some good use of this domain name. Since “fefoo” has its own domain name and “Vaimatic” sounds different yet familiar that shall be the name of the application.

Need a new logo and a design to begin with.

Released the experimental version of fefoo search app Firefox add-on

Its been a while since I launched anything new here. A few weeks back I launched and now I’ve launched the fefoo search app Firefox add-on. It’s still experimental but do give it a try and test it out.

fefoo is a very simple application which allows you to search better. You start your search based on a category so you search is refined from the word go. Its completely made in JavaScript and cached on your browser. This makes it really fast and you won’t ever have to wait for the fefoo homepage to load.

Just to give you an example of how fefoo works. If you search for my name “Vivek Jishtu ” in the people category you will get results from pipl. If you don’t like the results there are more than 15 more people search engines you can try on. The toolbar on top makes it easy. You don’t have to type again or go back and forth. Just click on the icon on the toolbar and you are ready to search on the next search engine. For more information head over to

Once you try it don’t forget to leave your comments about the new service.

AJAX Yahoo! Mail 0.12 for Firefox 3.0.1

There are no changes internally just bumped up the version number to make it compatible with Firefox 3.0.1 and higher.

[Install Now]

Final version of AJAX Yahoo Mail 0.11 released

This is a complete rewrite of the extension and it lets you preview the message. I have tested it with Firefox 3.0 so not too sure if it will work with the older version. Test it and let me know if you face any problems.

[Install Now]

AJAX Yahoo! Mail not working

Yahoo! seems to have changed the mail layout in the classic mode. These days I am busy with other things, if you feel you need to use it just leave a comment. If there are enough comments and there are enough users who want it I will make the changes.

AJAX Yahoo Mail 0.10 released

Just released a new version of AJAX Yahoo Mail. It fixes some of the problems that were coming up. It specially fixes the problem where a blank message would be displayed instead of the actual email.

If you are facing this problem make sure you try and install this version.

[Install Now]

Updates on my blog

I am planning to revamp this site and anything new and latest is on my blog

Download and install AJAX Yahoo! Mail 0.9

Its been a few days since I sent the extension out for approval but it might take a while before you can download it from there. Till that time you can download it from here. If you have a trouble in installing it leave a comment.

[ Install Extension ] [AJAX Yahoo! Mail forum ] [Chat or leave a quick message ]

AJAX Yahoo! Mail 0.9 released

UPDATE: Download 0.9 from this page

I just uploaded the latest version of AJAX Yahoo! mail, its quite possible that this is the final/last version of this extension as the new Yahoo! Mail interface will be soon out of beta. But anyhow you would be able to download it from as soon as it is approved. This version basically removes the problem faced by many where an empty box is shown instead of the actual mail.

You can leave a comment here or in the AJAX Yahoo! mail forum. Please do check the AJAX Yahoo! mail forum before reporting a bug or feature.

Forums are finally working

The forums are live. If you have a problem with any of the products or just want to get in touch just leave a message in the forums and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

After trying really hard to integrate things on godaddy I finally gave up and I am in the process of shifting everything to dreamhost. Though most pages should work, there are still some pages here and there which do not work the way they should. But that is just a matter of time. If you want to leave any message please leave it in the forums. If you are looking for a hosting account you can register with dreamhost and use the promo code VIVEK to get a discount of $90 on any of the hosting services. So in less than $30 you can get an years hosting + domain name.