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Viamatic foXpose 0.3 released

You can leave a comment in this blog entry or in the foXpose forum. Please do check the foXpose forum before reporting a bug or feature.
The Viamatic foXpose plugin is a tiny little extension that lets you view thumbnails of all your tabs inside a browser window with a click of a button. This [...]

EzBasic 0.3 soon

After more than a year Viamatic Open EzBasic 0.3 will be released. It will have more support for Mingw.

Viamatic Tabnail 0.4

The Viamatic Tabnail extension is an extension which you should use if you have a slow internet connection. It lets you preview the pages as they load in realtime. It adds thumbnail of the page that is being loaded into the tab and updates it in realtime. If you have a broadband connection this extension [...] the future of web apps

Update: Sorry but this project has been kept on hold as we don’t have time to complete it, we are only trying to finish up the PHP version first.
We are also developing a similar library for .net, so making applications for the web would be as easy as developing applications for the desktop. This library [...]

XUL/PHP based library in development

We are finally starting our work on the library. It has not yet got any offical name but it will have a RAD IDE to design your applications. It will allow you to design new applications with ease.